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3 Ways To Use The Cloud To Grow Your Business

Absolutely nothing about the standard idea of a cloud ever made it look like something that might support a business. Light, fluffy, nearly ephemeral– clouds were something you took a look at just to fantasize, instead of growing and construct. Unless you had a parachute, you would not wish to try standing on one.

The intro of cloud computing, on the other hand, has handled to significantly alter what we consider the structure on which to release and scale a modern-day business.

The cloud, in this case, has ended up being a real platform because it supplies the underlying abilities of facilities, storage, and applications that can allow business owners to carry out on their service strategies.

1.Make much better use of your budget plan.

They may have purchased some servers, for example, and after that setup variations of the software application they felt were necessary to their everyday jobs. Before too long, nevertheless, the servers and the software application would need to be changed.

Delaying upgrades are always appealing, but it also brings considerable threat. The possible cybersecurity concerns old applications and hardware may trigger, SMBs may come across systems that just do not work as well as anticipated (or at all). That, in turn, might harm the consumer experience that causes long-lasting success.

2.Let your group log in from afar and serve clients anywhere.

SMBs are frequently limited to resources, consisting of individuals. You need to ensure they can invest as much time as they can do the important things that develop business. This might consist of driving needs, closing sales, or offering after-sale assistance and support to clients.

Typically these were all things that needed workers to come in and be physically present within the workplace at all times. Cloud-based tools can improve efficiency by allowing a more dispersed labor force or offering remote work and versatile alternatives to those staff members who need it most.

This also suggests that SMBs do not always need to restrict their hires to those who live close-by but might induce skill from other places, which they can also broaden into brand-new places to serve more consumers.

3.Keep everybody on the very same digital pages.

There’s absolutely nothing even worse than getting an e-mail back about an essential file or file from an associate that states, “That’s the wrong variation!”

Right away, you understand two things: you’re going to need to go searching through your inbox or a shared drive someplace to discover the ideal variation, which you’re most likely going to waste time you’d assigned towards other jobs as a result.

The cloud has allowed companies to prevent this sort of concern and foster higher cooperation by means of data processing tools, spreadsheets, and other applications that they can access from anywhere and deal with at the exact same time.

All changes to shared files are instantaneously upgraded, allowing the group to feel “in sync” as if they were working beside each other and taking a look at the exact same screen.

social media fake followers

When buying fake subscribers becomes an illegal practice

Four societies in the crosshairs of justice

It’s something that’s probably as old as social media. Or even more. We could go back to Myspace or the Skyblog, a part of the population makes a fix on subscribers, on the number of people who follow them on social networks.

Some companies have made it a business by monetizing a quick gain of subscribers to those willing to pay. These include Devumi and three others headed by German Calas. It offered fake followers and fake likes on Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn or SoundCloud. Thanks to an army of bots, it artificially boosted the popularity of its customers. Between 2015 and 2017, the company reportedly generated $15 million in revenue. It has just negotiated an amicable agreement with the Attorney General of New York, Letitia James, which puts an end to the company’s activities, and above all fixes the fact “not to start again” the same type of benefits. The financial penalty was not disclosed.

Subscribers’ business

Social networks regularly hunt down fake and inactive accounts. For example, it cost the Twitter founder 200,000 followers. Donald Trump reportedly lost 400,000 on the same occasion. A small business that can do damage to the ego, but since we can bet that there will always be people willing to pay, it means that these companies will also find a way to adapt. All the more so when some users of social networks are also paid more or less for a publication.

In other cases, this could also cause problems for some “influencers”, especially those who managed to get nice discounts or eat for free in restaurants thanks to their (false) subscribers, one is indeed quite close to the scam when you think about it. Perhaps one day they will understand that the number of subscribers is much less (in the long run), than the commitment of those same subscribers.

In the United States, justice meddles in fake followers on social networks

Companies that sold fake subscribers to social media users have pledged to the courts not to do it again, as part of an out-of-court settlement that for the first time makes such activities illegal.

Devumi and three other companies run by German Calas were selling fake subscribers and fake “likes” to users of Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and SoundCloud, using “bots” – computer-generated accounts – or “personal” accounts actually generated by one person, the New York Attorney General’s office said on Wednesday (January 30th). Letitia James, in a statement.

These fake accounts, which artificially boost the popularity of users who use them, “proliferate on social networks,” the prosecutor said. “This is the first time that a law enforcement agency has made it illegal to sell false engagement on social media,” she said. According to thelegality.com, this is a common practice on internet.

15 million dollars in accounts and commitment

The text of the amicable agreement between the companies and the prosecutor’s office, of which Agence France-Presse obtained a copy, makes no mention of any sanctions imposed on German Calas. But he gives multiple details about how his companies operate, which allegedly sold about $15 million worth of accounts and social media engagement between 2015 and 2017.

For example, these companies sold “subscriber packages” for up to five hundred thousand dollars on Twitter. A pack of 100 YouTube subscribers sold for $29. Packages of views on the online video platform, popular with artists and influencers, were also on the market.

At a time when social networks are ubiquitous and subscribers often number in the millions, inflating its number of subscribers or views has become very lucrative: a Twitter user followed by a million followers can earn $20,000 or more by advertising for a brand.

The announcement of the settlement amicably with Mr. Calas’s companies, all of which closed in 2018 after the investigation broke out, comes a year after the publication of a New York Times investigation into Devumi. When questioned by the newspaper, Mr. Calas rejected any accusations of selling false accounts.


Website contract

Negotiating the right maintenance contract for your website

Business owners are rarely aware of the ongoing maintenance costs associated with a website. These include updating the technology, failure support and piracy protection. It is crucial, for all these reasons, to buy the right maintenance contract.

What a website maintenance contract should include

Generally, the overall contract with your web service provider will contain a short paragraph on your maintenance contract, the details of which are rarely discussed during the pre-sale process.

However, this is a crucial aspect of negotiating your partnership with a web services company. Here are the lessons we have learned about what to watch out for in negotiating a maintenance contract:

Hosting and security of a website

The majority of web service companies do not host their customers’ sites on their own servers and instead use hosting providers. Accommodation costs are therefore often transferred to the client on a monthly or annual basis, and rarely negotiable. The hosting service also includes protection of your site from attacks and technical support.

Since your web provider needs to correct any issues through the third-party provider, find out about the third-party provider’s hosting and security conditions, and annual maintenance costs. This will help you see if the level of service fits with your business needs and operating hours. Having to contact a web services company urgently after business hours is a nightmare that should be avoided.

Updates of  Websites

Once your new site is launched, try to get all the corresponding files. You’ll need it if you ever decide to host your site on your own servers or switch web providers. As your site evolves over time, you should get a regular updated version of the corresponding files, ideally every three to six months.

The maintenance contract should also include future technology updates related to content management systems, widgets (forms, site searches, etc.), extension modules, third-party software API integration (QuickBooks, Salesforce, etc.) and operating systems/web browsers. To begin with, you should have a detailed list of versions that are currently running on your website.

Technical Support of the site

The initial warranty period after a website goes online usually does not exceed 30 days. When it expires, you are either left to your own devices or you must have a maintenance contract that includes technical support for the site.

Most web providers offer a given number of hours of technical support for a fixed monthly fee, or a bank-based pricing model, with volume discounts (the higher the number of hours subscribed, the lower your hourly rate).


Negotiating a maintenance contract based on good expectations promotes a successful partnership with your web services company. That’s why it’s important to discuss your maintenance needs at the very beginning of the project when you ask for a price proposal. Then include this important element in your overall budget.

When the initial warranty expires, we recommend calling your web provider quarterly to review your maintenance requirements and get an updated version of your website code and a list of updates from the support team or developer.

Otherwise, you may find yourself with an outdated website in the next two years and be ill-prepared in the event of an emergency – which we’ve been saying is sure to happen!…


Dropshipping vs. Affiliate Marketing, Which One to Choose?

Honestly speaking, both dropshipping and affiliate marketing requires hard work to start. Most people enter online marketing, thinking that they can easily get rich by making the website and streams of income will start popping out in no time. That is a grave mistake. Whether it is drop shipping business, affiliate marketing, or any other online business, it requires consistent effort to grow the business.

Both of these uses multiple online dropship & wholesale directories for eCommerce, eBay & Amazon sellers like Salehoo. See here to know what is Salehoo exactly?

Advantages of Dropshipping

Dropshipping is an eCommerce business model that you can start with almost no investment. It is a lucrative business model that grants the owner complete rights over the type of products he wants to sell and the ways in which he wants to sell them. In fact, most of the time, the only things a dropshipper will need are domain and hosting.

Disadvantages of Dropshipping

As dropshipping is an eCommerce store, so whenever a customer orders a product, provide the customer support, and keep them in a loop by briefing them about the order ID and timing of delivery. You can also automate this process by hiring a virtual assistant on freelancing websites.

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing

Every prominent e-commerce store has an affiliate program that is free to join. Interested people can sign up and join the affiliate program to promote links of the merchants. It is free. The only cost an affiliate marketer has to pay is of domain and hosting.

Disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing

The biggest disadvantage of affiliate marketing is that you are paid in commissions. This means, even if you spend more money on bringing visitors to the store through your affiliate link, you will still be paid a fixed commission – which can be lower than the amount you actually spent.

The price of the commission is fixed, and you can’t do anything about it.

Which Is More Profitable: Dropshipping or Affiliate Marketing?

While affiliate marketing is great for starters who don’t want to mingle with customer support, I believe dropshipping is a much more lucrative option. Running an online dropshipping store can make you more money than an affiliate marketing website. You can easily market your products through Facebook Ads and Google Ads. Further, if your store is providing great quality of products, you will soon start to get a consistent stream of orders.

Moreover, a dropshipping store can also be turned into a passive business by hiring freelance staff for marketing and management activities of the e-commerce dropshipping store.

Increasing Earnings with Dropshipping vs. Affiliate Marketing

In comparison with Dropshipping, affiliate marketing is a lot easier to start and manage. In a dropshipping website, you will have to actively monitor the store and order products through suppliers. All this requires time. But on an affiliate website, you don’t have to actually do any of this because you get a commission by letting people buy through your link. That’s it.

So, if you want to start both at the same time, simply start a review website and add affiliate links in the reviews. Add a ‘Store’ section to your website and fill that store section with dropshipping products. Promote these products on social media and search engines. This will help you run both the businesses at the same time and maximize earnings.…


How’s Businesses Can Protect Their Employees Network That Work From Home?

If you have a company or are in charge of managing it, it is possible that you have heard of remote work or telecommuting. There are many companies that are reluctant to use remote access to the corporate network for their workers because they do not want security breaches.

However, in this article, we are going to see and discuss various considerations and recommendations when it comes to establishing remote work safely. Thus, your employees will be able to use remote access to the company network without the possibility of hacking or theft of information.

Management and control of equipment and operating system

We start with the most basic and perhaps the most obvious recommendation, but it is important to keep it in mind. When guaranteeing remote access to workers, it must be taken into account that they are going to access from various devices, and these can pose a threat.

Ideally, workers access the network from a trusted device. In other words, either the company can provide equipment that is in full condition and fully equipped for safety, or it provides the worker with the means to achieve this.

These devices, be they desktop computers, laptops, tablets, or even telephones, must have a completely updated operating system and applications, a good antivirus, and, sometimes, even an encryption system on the hard disk.

Physical security management of devices

In the event that the remote work equipment was stolen or lost, ideally, it should have these preventive measures that we were talking about: anti-theft protection measures. Among the most obvious we find: do not leave the unlocked device in plain sight, do not leave it alone in the car or in places where it can be easily stolen, do not remove it from the house if it is not necessary, etc.

Role permission management

From the work center, certain permissions must be established depending on the worker or the type of work that will be carried out. For example, a worker who performs administration tasks should have access to bureaucratic and contract data, while a worker who is in charge of stock management does not need to access that information.

Monitor network activity

If in your company you offer the possibility of teleworking, you should always have that remote access network under control. Therefore, network activity should be monitored, looking for any type of suspicious activity.

To monitor this network traffic, you should take into account if there are recurring but unsuccessful attempts at your server, or if there are suspicious activities such as downloading files or the like. Any type of traffic that seems inappropriate should be controlled and monitored to the point of having to take action.

Furthermore, by monitoring network traffic, you not only make sure you cover suspicious activities, but you can control that employees doing remote work are doing their activities correctly.

Using a secure network: VPN

If your company has workers who perform their tasks with remote access, then you will know that it is somewhat difficult to determine where they are going to make the connection. It may be from a public Wi-Fi network, which poses a security level danger.

Therefore, the best measure for network connection security is to use a VPN or Virtual Private Network. VPNs allow you to create a secure tunnel through data encryption when establishing the connection. In addition, these networks allow all applications and work information to be accessed, as if you were working from the office.

How do VPNs work? For starters, the connection is not made directly to the Internet network but passes through a certain number of servers to provide greater security and anonymity on the network.

On the other hand, this secure or private tunnel is created between the company and the worker’s device, because before any information is sent, it is encrypted and then, after going through the secure tunnel, it is decrypted on the company side. The same process occurs when sending information from the company to the worker’s device.

Therefore, by using a VPN in your company, you are allowing workers to have secure remote access to the work network and also, that all connections and data transmitted or received are made in encrypted form. You will no longer have to worry about the Wi-Fi connection from which you proceed to remote access with a Canadian VPN.…


Canada, How Many Plants Can You Grow by States

The Cannabis Act has been developed to protect the health and safety of Canadians better, keep cannabis away from young people, and keep profits out of the hands of criminals, and organized crime. We advise you to read this Growing Marijuana Guide by Royal Seed Bank to grow your own marijuana plant.

  • To buy, possess, or consume cannabis and cannabis products, you must be of legal age.
  • The Cannabis Law includes strict penalties for selling or supplying cannabis and cannabis products to young minors.
  • In public, you can own up to 30 grams of legal dry cannabis, or an equivalent amount in a non-dry form.
  • The legal cannabis products (excluding products with less than 0.3% THC or without THC) exhibit a tax stamp on the label of the product varying color by province and territory. Make sure the product has the label that identifies its legality.
  • It is illegal to cross the Canadian border in possession of cannabis and cannabis products, including those containing CBD, whether you leave or enter the country. This rule applies to all countries, regardless of whether cannabis is legal there or not.
  • At the end of 2019, they will begin to be available to legally buy edible cannabis products, cannabis extracts, and topical cannabis. These cannabis products will add to those that are already available for sales, such as dry cannabis and cannabis oil.
  • If you decide to consume these products, know the effects of cannabis on health, and know-how to reduce the risks to your health and safety. Like alcohol and tobacco, cannabis carries risks, especially for young people and young adults.
  • Unlike smoking or vaporizing cannabis, whose effects can be felt in a matter of minutes, to begin to feel the influences of cannabis that is eaten or drunk can take up to two hours, and up to four hours to feel the full effect. Cannabis affects each person differently. Even if you have not begun to feel the effect, it may be prevented.
  • Do not drive or work under the influence of cannabis. Cannabis can affect the ability to operate vehicles or equipment safely. Driving under the influence of cannabis or another drug is a serious criminal offense.
  • If you are in possession of cannabis, keep it out of reach of children, youth, and pets. Take special care with cannabis edibles, which can be confused with common foods or drinks.
  • According to the Cannabis Law, access to cannabis for medical purposes is still offered to those who are authorized by their health professionals.


Yes, the Canadian Cannabis Law also permits adults to expand their own cannabis at the house. Grown-ups can grow up to 4 cannabis plants per home. These weeds should be nurtured from seeds or seedlings bought from authorized sellers.

Adults can also create their own edibles, liquids, or concentrate, provided they are not made with combustible organic solvents such as butane.…


Ways To Tell A Good Spiritual Advisor From Bad Ones

Who else wants to know the BEST absolute way to know if a psychic is real, true, or authentic … before ruining his bank account in a bad reading, will he regret it immediately? If you are like me, the idea of ​​wasting time, energy, and INCOME on a psychic reading is very demotivating and a great reason why I would often postpone calling a new service or visiting new Psychic mediums in Toronto.

Fear of the unknown … and a HEALTHY skepticism help can protect you … but it can also prevent you from moving forward, especially when you really need genuine psychic advice.

The good news?

It is not really necessary to spend a large amount of money on a psychic reading before “feeling.” to know if the intuitive is real or genuine. In fact, as someone who studies these things personally and professionally alike, I am able to detect a scam or even just a bad reader … quite fast and with 90% accuracy in most cases.

But RULE # 1 to prove the authenticity of a psychic mediums are super simple:

NEVER commit to a long or expensive call or visit before TESTING a psychic with a free test or reading first.

For example?

Some networks now offer FREE readings of 5 or 6 minutes, with their BEST psychics, before you have to pay a penny. This is a great way to test an intuitive quickly… without having to rely on word of mouth references or reputation, and simply SEE how accurate they are for you.

Other networks … even some of the BEST services known, now offer very cheap test readings that can cost up to 10 or 20 dollars, for world-class psychics who generally charge hundreds of dollars per hour. You can (and should) use this time to get as much information as possible and to prove the accuracy, authenticity, and reliability of the intuitive … before you have to spend a lot of time or money discovering that # 39; You are NOT real … or right for you.

Learning to look for important questions, find information, insistent and aggressive intuitive and cold reading techniques of ALL types and stripes are not difficult to detect! I dare you to read reading with a healthy help of BOTH open-mindednesses… And “try it on.” skepticism, and YOU WILL GET the answers you are looking for … one way or another!

When you are going to use a psychic to learn more about your life and your mission here on earth, it is highly recommended that you talk with friends and family before talking to the psychic. You may be surprised at which of your friends or family are currently talking to someone in this capacity and can recommend them, and which of them may have hired someone before and now would not recommend them to family and friends.

When you talk to the medium and want to detect if a psychic is false, you can ask him something that only you would know the real answer. Like the nickname, your grandmother had for you when only you and she were in a room. If the psychic is really listening to your grandmother, then your grandmother will know the answer to this question. This can show that the person is really connected with their family member and that they are listening to what they have to say.

It is okay to ask a couple of test questions when trying to detect a fake of the real deal, but not to lie to the person or try to deceive them with false information because it can confuse them and make their answer sound unreal.

A medium with true talent will take the information you provide and use it to determine if the voices you are hearing are real people who talk about you and your life. If you have told them misleading information, when they hear the truth of the spirits of the dead, they will ignore what they hear as unrelated to you.…


How To Save Up For Your End Of Year Family Getaway

When on vacation can moisten the state of mind and can be difficult, not having adequate funds. Specifically, when taking a trip with the kids, a family trip can be costly.

Figure out just how much you will require for your holiday, set an objective, and save regularly for your family getaway. This short article will provide you some concepts on how to save for a dream family getaway.

Existing Expenses

Analyze your present spending plan thoroughly and understand precisely where you are investing your cash. Are you not sure about where to begin?

Begin by making a list of whatever you invest cash on month-to-month. This will assist you in figuring out the little things which can be gotten rid of. Move the money that you would have invested in these little buys into your trip cost savings account when this is done.

The Right Mind-Set Of Saving

To attain your dream holiday and have sufficient cash for your vacation, you require to have the ideal mind-set. This will eventually assist you to save.

Identify and set an objective just how much you will require to save regular monthly or weekly and stay with it. The secret is to be favorable merely and think that you can do it.

Include the remainder of the family and ensure they understand your strategies. As a family, select what you will be minimizing. Enabling them to be part of the choice-making on what to save will make it simpler to reach completion outcomes.

Buy Getaway Products

Think about purchasing unique products like swimwear or trekking boots at factory stores or when the stores have sales throughout the winter season. In this manner, you get a bargain, and you can save much-needed cash.

The travel insurance coverage covers unanticipated occasions while on the trip. An early buy can also save time and cash.

Reduce Drinking Expense

You wish to save yet not lose out on fraternizing good friends. Limitation or minimize drinking expenses by fulfilling buddies throughout the delighted hour.

Merely make the most of offers or pick to interact socially at bars that provide more than simply drinking. Look for bars providing home entertainment and dancing. That method you will hang out dancing and taking pleasure in the home entertainment– and not simply consume pricey drinks.

Another method of saving is to pay money for your beverages. When paying money for products, research studies have revealed customers invest less.

Additional earnings

Ought to you have some additional time on your hands, think of handling a sideline to make money. This will accelerate the cost savings procedure and contribute to the family trip cost savings account.

There are methods of making that additional money. See and enjoy how your family getaway cost savings account grows.

Cancel Memberships and Subscription Charges

Listen to the news on the radio or view it on tv– and cancel those regular monthly paper and publication memberships. Buy publications as required. Even better, save more cash by canceling your cable television membership and enjoying the news and reveals on the web.

Cancel your health club subscription and include the saved cash to your family holiday fund. A great out and fresh air can be skilled outdoors. Regional parks and sports areas are open to the general public and are totally free of charge.

Rent a Room

Make sure the occupant indications a lease that fits you both. If you are not sure how to go about leasing space, an estate representative or rental firm must be able to help you.

Lease your house on Airbnb to make additional cash. Transfer the extra earnings into your family trip cost savings account.

Combine financial obligation

Financial obligation debt consolidation is integrating smaller sized accounts into one loan. The objective of the financial obligation combination is to reduce the rate of interest and make one month-to-month payment.

Use the money readily available and pay your financial obligation off faster. The earlier your financial obligation is paid, the quicker you will have the ability to contribute towards the family getaway cost savings fund.

Lower Automobile Expenses

Ditch the benefit of your vehicle and believe in your family trip at the end of the year. To get you from point A to point B, use public transport, and you will not just save on gas but on upkeep too.


Amazon Might Challenge The Loss Of $10 Billion Pentagon Cloud Offer As Early As Next Week

It might act as early as next week if Amazon.com chooses to battle the Pentagon’s choice to award an extremely objected to $10 billion cloud computing agreement to Microsoft.

An obstacle to the Defense Department’s award revealed Friday is extensively anticipated by legal specialists, specialists, and experts, particularly after President Donald Trump openly derided Amazon’s quote for the high-stakes agreement.

In July, Trump stated the administration was evaluating Amazon’s quote after grievances from other businesses. Before then, Amazon was extensively thought-about to be a front-runner. Trump has consistently taken swipes at Amazon and its creator Jeff Bezos, who owns the Washington Post.

In a declaration, Amazon Web Solutions stated it was “shocked about this conclusion.” An individualknowledgeable about the matter informed Reuters the business is thinking about alternatives for opposing the award. The business did not react to ask for talk about its next actions.

Reuters spoke with a number of legal specialists who stated the business mostly has two alternatives. It might go to the U.S. Federal Government Responsibility Workplace (GAO) – a legal branch of the federal government that provides auditing services, which might provide an instant stay.

If Amazon goes to the GAO, it can get an “automated stay of efficiency,” stated Franklin Turner, a lawyer with McCarter & English LLP.

That offers the GAO 100 days to decide, Turner stated.

If the business goes to the court, it does not get an automated stay and needs to submit an initial injunction: an order that might be given before or throughout the trial, with the objective of maintaining the status quo before the last judgment.

The court, on the other hand, allows “discovery”: a procedure that allows an aggrieved celebration to acquire proof by asking for extra files and depositions.

The instructions of the business’s legal battle might, even more, be chosen by a set of files and proof that the Defense Department will require to use the business after Amazon submits its demonstration.

If Amazon does not get all the files and proof it desires, the business might either submit an extra demonstration at the GAO or might litigate, the lawyers stated.

Amazon is most likely to combat the choice if just to reveal it is major about its federal government contracting company, a few of the experts and lawyers stated.

Down the roadway, the business is most likely to concentrate on winning cloud agreements from the Central Intelligence Firm, which is seeking to increase its dependence on the cloud, with strategies to get 10s of billions of dollars of work from tech business next year.

Amazon currently has a $600 million agreement with the CIA.

The anticipated conclusion date of the task is October 24, 2029.