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Archive | April, 2013

Financial stability

Now it’s up to you

Money is on my mind a lot lately, as it has been for,oh....every day of my adult life it seems.  As a child I grew up without really being impacted by those

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The importance of encouragement

I've been thinking about the importance of encouragement lately.  I know how I feel when someone takes a minute or two to step into my world a little and

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How bad does it have to get?

How bad does it have to get?

1 in Four is in existence because of violence and abuse.  If women abuse didn't happen then there would have been no reason for Cass, Jen and I to

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Can I trust you?

Trust broken

So I went to the shops today, specifically I went to a second-hand shop to see if I could find a chair for me to sit in at our 1 in Four office.  Hurrah! There

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Paying the bills?

Money, Money, Money

I am having a lot of trouble writing this post today and not because it is upsetting or a challenge to write...no, I'm having trouble because I have been

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