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Focus on the Forum

Do you ever feel like you wish you could be a bigger part of ending domestic violence? Now that you know what it is, you've experienced it or know someone who has, you are full of intense feelings and need some way to get involved, get your hands into the cause? You've painted signs and walked the street with Take Back The Night in September. But what's the next step?? Focus on the Forum

We've had a lot of wonderful feedback from viewers of the site here at 1 in Four. The problem with that is, the 'viewers' part. We don't want this site to just be us talking at you! The founders of 1 in Four are all wonderful women (I can say that, I'm one of them!) and we all have our own unique stories. But at the end of the day, we are only three women, with three viewpoints. This site is meant to be By-Survivors-For-Survivors, and that includes YOU! So without further ado, we are presenting the Forums.

Come get involved in building the relationship. You do not need to be a survivor to engage in discussion. There will be ways to ask questions and offer support, no matter where you come from or what your journey has been. Domestic violence affects us all, our friends, family, neighbours....

If you are not familiar with what a forum is, then now is the time to get on board! This is an open text-based format (similar to email) where you can share your woes and your achievements. A place where you can chat about new crafting ideas, the latest, greatest recipe, or announce your birthday plans. A place where you can share legal tips (watch out for the disclaimer though!) or ask questions about some of the groups on the Calendar. A place where you can let us know what you like with the 1 in Four site and what you'd really love to see happen as we grow. A place to dream, share poetry, make friends and keep in touch with friends you've made through various support networks. And if you're really brave, this is also a place where you can vent and air the hurt that you've felt as a victim of domestic violence, and how you've taken steps along your journey to become a survivor.

Across the top menu, you'll see the newly added Forum button. Click it, and c'mon inside to where the conversation is happening! If you're a little unsure at first, don't worry, you can view the threads anonymously without signing up. But once you're ready, pick a login, sign up with your email address, and step onto your soapbox! We're here to listen, offer support, share our stories and begin forging the bonds of sisterhood.

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About cass

34y/o single mother of one. A survivor of Domestic Violence; an advocate for change to the current Canadian legal system -- stronger sentencing for perpetrators of DV crimes. I believe in advocacy as a means to change. I believe in using your voice to make a difference. I believe in standing up for what is right and standing up for those who can't. I believe in educating young girls and boys of the future generations that there is always a choice and that violence is not the right choice. "Be the change you wish to see in the world" -- Gandhi.

One Response to Focus on the Forum

  1. S.S. October 10, 2012 at 1:36 pm #

    This is a nice idea for a number of reasons. Some like this kind of outlet to talk in, some may find it easier and safer way to make new friends, some may be seeking others who can relate to thier feelings or stories/journey (whether it be in the past, present or later on in life, is something occurs, there’s a great support group going on here), etc.
    It’s just nice to have options…. FOR A CHANGE!! We all deserve choices and not just choices that are given to us and which ALL suit someone else. 🙂

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