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How blogging helps us all…

There are definitely some things that could be improved upon in my life but I have to say I consider myself to be fortunate. I have children that I love, parents who still love me (despite the odds of that considering all I've put them through), friends that I can count on and last but not least, I get to be a part of this great community that is 1 in Four.Comfy bed

Blogging is still new for me, I had never ever done anything like this six months ago. Today I can see the difference that it has made: I chronicle what is going on in my life, I spit it out on a page (so to speak) and then I can hope that what I write might be able to help someone else. Putting your thoughts out in a blog isn't like writing in a journal where you are the only person that will ever see what you have written -- with a blog you can share your thoughts with others.

We want to invite you to share this experience with us. We are asking you to think about whether or not you might like to see a creation of yours put on this website.  You can write about your feelings, or things you are struggling with, maybe things you have learned ... share some favourite music (like our guest today is doing) and know that your journey could help someone else on theirs.

Our guest blogger today is a lovely woman who feels that this is something she needs to do to have a voice. I know we all support her in sharing with the rest of us.

Guest Blog:

I have been reading the blogs regularly posted on 1-in-four for a variety of reasons, mainly because I am a survivor of domestic violence but also because I have the pleasure of calling one of its founders my dear friend.

I met my friend while attending the L.E.A.F. program – a program which finally validated what I had been experiencing and fighting against. She was one of the first women that I felt “safe” enough and comfortable enough with to exchange my phone number with. Although our session of the L.E.A.F. program came to an end, our friendship endured.

After many months, we finally managed to carve out a little time to get together this past weekend. Over a quiet dinner and glass of wine, we each spoke of our kids – and how they were really doing. We spoke about work, as each of us just started back to our respective positions after lengthy absences as a result of the domestic violence we each face. And we spoke about where we were within the family court process. But we also spoke about what we love about our “new” lives – and there are many! Like being able to crawl into our own beds without listening to snoring or being awaken in the middle of the night to meet someone’s manly needs. Nope, we are not missing “that” at all – now that may change in the future, but for now we love the comfort and safety of our own beds.

At the end of the evening, as we said our goodbyes till next time, my friend commented on how although we both continue to fight back against abusive men and situations, we did not cry once!

I want to thank my friend and the 1-in-Four team for giving me a voice, for validating my person and my experiences and for empowering me a little more to continue to fight against domestic violence.

My wish is that every woman who may be experiencing domestic violence is fortunate enough to meet a friend who truly “gets it” and that they may stumble across this web site which offers a wealth of information and support.

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About cjw

A mother of three and a survivor of domestic violence, I am passionate about helping women who feel isolated and alone, women who may have children that are profoundly impacted by the trauma of domestic violence and women who need to understand where they can go to get help for themselves and their families. I am a registered nurse who has worked for the last 16 years in a critical care area only to have to flee to a women's shelter and have my whole life changed. I know fear, I know pain and I now know food banks...I'm in good company.


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