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DV Checklist

Have you or someone you know ever experienced the following?:

  • name-calling or put-downs
  • isolation from family or friends
  • withholding of money
  • denying access to medical treatment or services
  • threats and psychological abuse
  • anger and intimidation
  • actual or threatened physical harm
  • "blackmail"
  • sexual assault

These are examples of domestic violence, which includes partner violence, family violence, elder abuse, spouse abuse, child abuse, battering, and wife beating. This violence can take many forms, such as physical, emotional/psychological, sexual, and financial. It can also happen once in a while or most/all of the time. Although each situation is different, there are common warning signs to look out for, including those behaviours listed above. Knowing these signs is an important step in preventing and stopping violence

What is present:

  • Inequality
  • Competition
  • Manipulation
  • Hostility
  • Control
  • Put Downs

What is absent:

  • Equality
  • Partnership/Co-operation
  • Honesty and Free Choice (Mutuality)
  • Good Will/Peaceful Communication
  • Intimacy/Closeness
  • Support (emotional, physical, financial

You may also find a Behavioral Checklist helpful.

Below is the Power and Control Wheel , written by women to describe their experiences at the hands of their abusive partners. We encourage you to examine the wheel in reference to your own relationship:

Power and Control

Power and Control Wheel

Below is the Equality Wheel , part of an educational curriculum for men who batter. We encourage you to examine the wheel in reference to your own relationship:


The Equality Wheel

Images used from DVIP "Safety and Dignity -- A Promise We Must Keep"
Checklist adapted from Family Violence Project .