Hamilton 24hr Crisis Lines:
• Inasmuch House 905-529-8600 • Fem-aide 1-877-336-2433 • Good Shepherd 905-523-6277 • SACHA 905-525-4162 •
• Native Women's Centre 1-888-308-6559 • COAST (mental health) 905-972-8338 • Hamilton Interval House 905-387-8881 •

PANIC Button?

Sometimes even viewing webpages about domestic violence isn't safe.

So we've created something like a quick little 'evacuation route' for those accessing our website.

If you are at home or in public when someone suddenly happens upon you while you are viewing 1 in Four and you feel unsafe about being seen on this site, quickly click the PANIC button and you will be redirected to a relatively safe website (currently Martha Stewart on " www.pinterest.com " -- we say relatively safe because we are not responsible for content on that site, nor for the hours you may find yourself sucked into viewing random crafty ideas!)

*NEW* The Panic Button now floats at the top of the webpage, to follow you as you scroll. One of our amazing users brought it to our attention that sometimes our pages (especially longer blogs) can require a lot of scrolling down -- and with the panic button way up at the top of the page, it defeats the purpose. We listened. The whole point of the panic button is to be easily accessible to help you out in a pinch. So the button now hovers and follows you as you scroll down the page. We are always open to your feedback and input. This page is by survivors for survivors -- we want this experience to serve you and your needs as best as possible!

The most important thing to remember -- stay safe; stay informed.

We want to connect women with services in Hamilton, but not if it is at their own peril.

Safety planning is a big part of ending the cycle of abuse. Check out this link to see a list of places to find some good examples of how to make a Safety Plan.