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What is it like?

What is it like?

What is it like?

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I’m here when you need me

"Many strong women have had to walk this path, I'm here when you need me".  These were the words I just texted to a friend .  Sometimes this is all we can do despite everything in me that wants to rush over, pick her and her children up and take charge of the chaos of their unraveling lives.

I know that my experience as a woman who has been where my friend currently is counts a lot in her eyes.  She trusts my input because I come from a place of knowing.

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My name is Cathy


When I sit down to write a blog post I find myself wondering who you are. Who are you, you that is reading this?  Are you someone who has stumbled across this website by accident? Did you punch a few words into a 'google' search and it suggested you take a look here?    I don't know who you are but please let me introduce myself:Inaugural Blog

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Reason for hope

Use Movies to Foster Gender Equity

Use Movies to Foster Gender Equity

It’s a little too chilly outside for April! In fact that’s an understatement. On days like this it’s nice to stay inside. On nights like this it’s great to have a home, some warm food, and a good movie to share. But, not just any movie.

I’d like to suggest some movies that have strong female role models. When girls and women play a leading role in the plot it sends a positive message to survivors, our new partners, and our own children that women are strong, capable, intelligent individuals who make valuable contributions to every aspect of life.

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it's good to connect with each other

International Women’s Day 2014

"Annually on 8 March, thousands of events are held throughout the world to inspire women and celebrate achievements. A global web of rich and diverse

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don't worry

Don’t worry

Hiya everyone...enjoying the chilly weather?  I know a couple of women who don't have winter coats so for them it is a little chillier than for most.  With

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take the power back

Take the power back

There is one word guaranteed to make me see red and that is when someone tells me to "relax".  I'm not talking the "relax, sit down, put your feet

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Decision for a fresh start

Decision for a Fresh Start

I'm moving this week.  It is supposed to be one of the most stressful experiences one can go through and I agree!!  What to keep?  What to throw

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Rope and stake

Self Perception

I have attended quite a few groups and workshops over the last few years in my struggle to heal after living in an abusive relationship.  There have been a

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Financial stability

Now it’s up to you

Money is on my mind a lot lately, as it has been for,oh....every day of my adult life it seems.  As a child I grew up without really being impacted by those

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