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Negotiating the right maintenance contract for your website

Business owners are rarely aware of the ongoing maintenance costs associated with a website. These include updating the technology, failure support and piracy protection. It is crucial, for all these reasons, to buy the right maintenance contract.

What a website maintenance contract should include

Generally, the overall contract with your web service provider will contain a short paragraph on your maintenance contract, the details of which are rarely discussed during the pre-sale process.

However, this is a crucial aspect of negotiating your partnership with a web services company. Here are the lessons we have learned about what to watch out for in negotiating a maintenance contract:

Hosting and security of a website

The majority of web service companies do not host their customers’ sites on their own servers and instead use hosting providers. Accommodation costs are therefore often transferred to the client on a monthly or annual basis, and rarely negotiable. The hosting service also includes protection of your site from attacks and technical support.

Since your web provider needs to correct any issues through the third-party provider, find out about the third-party provider’s hosting and security conditions, and annual maintenance costs. This will help you see if the level of service fits with your business needs and operating hours. Having to contact a web services company urgently after business hours is a nightmare that should be avoided.

Updates of  Websites

Once your new site is launched, try to get all the corresponding files. You’ll need it if you ever decide to host your site on your own servers or switch web providers. As your site evolves over time, you should get a regular updated version of the corresponding files, ideally every three to six months.

The maintenance contract should also include future technology updates related to content management systems, widgets (forms, site searches, etc.), extension modules, third-party software API integration (QuickBooks, Salesforce, etc.) and operating systems/web browsers. To begin with, you should have a detailed list of versions that are currently running on your website.

Technical Support of the site

The initial warranty period after a website goes online usually does not exceed 30 days. When it expires, you are either left to your own devices or you must have a maintenance contract that includes technical support for the site.

Most web providers offer a given number of hours of technical support for a fixed monthly fee, or a bank-based pricing model, with volume discounts (the higher the number of hours subscribed, the lower your hourly rate).


Negotiating a maintenance contract based on good expectations promotes a successful partnership with your web services company. That’s why it’s important to discuss your maintenance needs at the very beginning of the project when you ask for a price proposal. Then include this important element in your overall budget.

When the initial warranty expires, we recommend calling your web provider quarterly to review your maintenance requirements and get an updated version of your website code and a list of updates from the support team or developer.

Otherwise, you may find yourself with an outdated website in the next two years and be ill-prepared in the event of an emergency – which we’ve been saying is sure to happen!…


Amazon Might Challenge The Loss Of $10 Billion Pentagon Cloud Offer As Early As Next Week

It might act as early as next week if Amazon.com chooses to battle the Pentagon’s choice to award an extremely objected to $10 billion cloud computing agreement to Microsoft.

An obstacle to the Defense Department’s award revealed Friday is extensively anticipated by legal specialists, specialists, and experts, particularly after President Donald Trump openly derided Amazon’s quote for the high-stakes agreement.

In July, Trump stated the administration was evaluating Amazon’s quote after grievances from other businesses. Before then, Amazon was extensively thought-about to be a front-runner. Trump has consistently taken swipes at Amazon and its creator Jeff Bezos, who owns the Washington Post.

In a declaration, Amazon Web Solutions stated it was “shocked about this conclusion.” An individualknowledgeable about the matter informed Reuters the business is thinking about alternatives for opposing the award. The business did not react to ask for talk about its next actions.

Reuters spoke with a number of legal specialists who stated the business mostly has two alternatives. It might go to the U.S. Federal Government Responsibility Workplace (GAO) – a legal branch of the federal government that provides auditing services, which might provide an instant stay.

If Amazon goes to the GAO, it can get an “automated stay of efficiency,” stated Franklin Turner, a lawyer with McCarter & English LLP.

That offers the GAO 100 days to decide, Turner stated.

If the business goes to the court, it does not get an automated stay and needs to submit an initial injunction: an order that might be given before or throughout the trial, with the objective of maintaining the status quo before the last judgment.

The court, on the other hand, allows “discovery”: a procedure that allows an aggrieved celebration to acquire proof by asking for extra files and depositions.

The instructions of the business’s legal battle might, even more, be chosen by a set of files and proof that the Defense Department will require to use the business after Amazon submits its demonstration.

If Amazon does not get all the files and proof it desires, the business might either submit an extra demonstration at the GAO or might litigate, the lawyers stated.

Amazon is most likely to combat the choice if just to reveal it is major about its federal government contracting company, a few of the experts and lawyers stated.

Down the roadway, the business is most likely to concentrate on winning cloud agreements from the Central Intelligence Firm, which is seeking to increase its dependence on the cloud, with strategies to get 10s of billions of dollars of work from tech business next year.

Amazon currently has a $600 million agreement with the CIA.

The anticipated conclusion date of the task is October 24, 2029.